There are so many people who have been exonerated. This page is to note exonerees who have been in contact with the group, or who are especially notable for their work in helping other people who have been wrongly convicted.

Leslie Vass : Article (Sept 2013) | Youtube | Post in group

Mark Clements : Post in Group ( Victim of Chicago torturer Jon Burge )

Ray Krone : The 100th exoneree from death row since the death panalty was reinstated in 1976.  Director for Witness to Innocence. See Wikipedia for more information.

Please watch this video about the work of the Ohio Innocence Project it’s fantastic:

Jeffrey Deskovic speaks about why he insists on a trial in his civil case after he was wrongly convicted. He was awarded $40m dollars by the jury in October 2014.

See also : National registry of Exonerations

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