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False Confession is used whenever the wrongly convicted person made statements that were not the true, even if those statements were not a confession.

A Plan to Combat Mistaken Identifications and False Confessions

After years of debate and study, a rare coalition of the New York State Bar Association, the District Attorneys Association of New York and the Innocence Project proposed on Tuesday that the state adopt practices to reduce the chances that juries would be swayed by mistaken eyewitnesses or false confessions.

In effect, the proposals would require investigators to treat the words of witnesses and suspects as if they were another kind of trace evidence subject to contamination.


John Horton

Featured Case #41: John Horton was wrongly convicted of murder in 1995. His cousin subsequently confessed to the crime. The case is supported by the Center of Wrongful Convictions of Youth at Northwestern University School of Law.

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12 October 2016 : New trial granted

The Court ruled that John was entitled to a new trial because prosecutors had violated his due process rights by not disclosing exculpatory evidence, although a special concurrence penned by one of the Justices added that this case was riddled with “outrageous errors and missteps” and that John has “significant” evidence of actual innocence.

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10 February 2016 : Released on Bond.  Judge Joseph G. McGraw set his bond at $50,000.


Michelle Byrom

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Mississippi had a self-serving confession from Edward Jr., implicating his mother and blaming Gillis for the murder. And they had a confession from Michelle Byrom herself, taken while she was heavily medicated, amid questions about her mental stability. What exactly did this confession sound like? The sheriff told the addled Byrom: “Listen, we are going to be able to pull enough together … don’t leave [Edward, Jr.] hanging out here to bite the big bullet.” To which Michelle Byrom, Edward Jr.’s mother, replied: “No, he’s not going to. I wouldn’t let him … I will take all the responsibility. I’ll do it.”

Conviction overturned on 31st March, 2014

Back in the custody of Tishomingo County 28th July, 2014

Retrial set for 1 Sep 2015 17th January, 2014

Almost executed by Mississippi, Michelle Byrom free 26 June, 2015

Almost Executed by Mississippi Michelle Byrom is Now Free 6 July. 2015 @ YouCouldBeWrong.wordpress.com

Interview, August 17, 2015

If you would like to help Michelle with medication, clothing, or personal items, you can visit herYouCaring site, which gives her 100% of the proceeds.

Barry Beach

For a description of the case please see http://www.centurionministries.org/cases/barry-beach/

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17 Jan 2015 : Appeal Filed

26 Jan 2015 : Time for Montana to treat Barry Beach better

20 Nov 2015 : Clemency Granted

12 Dec 2015 : Meet Jay Via: One bad cop, in one county, who did a whole lot of damage Radley Balko, Washington Post.

Charles Erikson

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Charles wrongly confessed to a murder, implicating his friend Ryan Ferguson. Ryan has been freed after a coerced witness recanted, it’s ridiculous that Charles remains in prison.

The link to serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards :

“November 1, 2001 Kent Heithholt found murdered in Columbia, Missouri. The next day Edwards blogs about the murder at ZodiacKiller.com, and references the murder of “CJB” ( Cheryl Jo Bates) 35 years earlier.”

Source: Edward Wyane Edwards Timeline

Kirstin Blaise Lobato

A superb video on the case. Test the DNA!

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News and articles

Kirstin Lobato is imprisoned for crimes that did not occur Hans Sherrer, Las Vegas Tribune, April 16, 2015.

The Kirstin Lobato Case: An American Miscarriage of Justice ( Copy ) Joseph Bishop, May 24, 2012

Intercept Article Sept 5 2015

November 23, 2015 Nevada Supreme Court reverses denial of appeal

Intercept Article 1 December 2015

December 19, 2017 New Trial Granted

December 29, 2017 Case dismissed with prejudice