Stacey Hyde

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Retrial Wednesday April 15, 2015.

Report on retrial May 21, 2015.

Exonerated May 21, 2015 – BBC Breaking News

Report in Wells Journal

Justice for Women, who campaigned on behalf of Miss Hyde have slammed the prosecutor Christopher Quinlan QC for “aggressively pursuing” the prosecution in the face of what they described as: “overwhelming evidence that undermined his case for murder. In particular, at the appeal the adolescent psychiatrist instructed by the Crown was unable to support the prosecution and instead gave evidence for the defence.”

Quinlan vigorously opposed applications for bail following the successful appeal, and Miss Hyde remained in custody for a further six months awaiting trial.

A spokesman for Justice for Women said that despite evidence in support of self defence, Miss Hyde was willing to plead guilty to manslaughter. These detailed representations were rejected although the DPP refused to provide reasons for her decision.

Speaking after the verdict, Miss Hyde said: “I would like to say thank you to Justice for Women, my legal team, friends and family for believing in me and giving me hope and strength to never give up. I will be forever grateful and blessed to have been given my life back.”

Report in Guardian 21 May 2015

Outside the court, Hyde said on Thursday: “I would like to say thank you to Justice for Women, my legal team, friends and family for believing in me and giving me hope and strength to never give up. I will be for ever grateful and blessed to have been given my life back.”

Francis, 33, also from Wells, had a history of violence towards women. It was acknowledged by the prosecution that there had been 27 separate incidents of domestic violence between him and his girlfriend, Holly Banwell, and that he had also been violent towards his previous girlfriend.

Report in Guardian 11 June 2015 “There are many more who need their cases re-examined’

Letter from defense team published in Guardian 16 June 2015

6 thoughts on “Stacey Hyde”

  1. Do you ever help the wrongly convicted, even when it is a man? Or, are you just “all about women”?

    Look at Richard Glossip’s case. He is on Oklahoma’s death row and probably set to be executed this summer, 2015. Richard Glossip is innocent. He didn’t kill anybody and didn’t commit espoiage or treason. And he did not hire Justin Sneed to kill Barry Van Treese. Van Treese was killed because Van Treese stole $25,000 from a heroin dealer and the dealer wanted it back. Richard didn’t have anything to do with masterminding any murder.

    One of the major problems with Richard Glossip’s case is the fact that evidence keeps disappearing. Do you think it is because the brilliant female public defenders have got the first accuser of Richard Glossip (who is Cliff Everhart) working as their sole investigator on Richard Glossip’s defense? That’s right. After the murder, Richard’s accuser, Cliff Everhart, was hired by and went to work for the public defenders defending Richard. Cliff Everhart even got assigned to be Richard’s only investigator.

    Kristi Christopher and Kathleen Lord (Division Chief, Post Conviction Capital Cases Division of Oklahoma Indigent Defense System) did not read the case file. Opps! Yet Kristi Christopher, Division Chief of the Capital Offenses division of OIDS (405/590-7590 cell & 405/801-2770 office) hired Everhart not knowing he was Richard’s accuser. Richard Glossip does not know this and did not consent to this clear conflict of interest.

    Is it really any wonder why five (5) pieces of crucial evidence have disappeared? The $24,100 cash? The brown briefcase? The Sinclair videotape? The Best Budget Inn Guest Registry? The original videotaped interrogation of Justin Sneed? And of course the Nov 21 1996 videotape.

    I guess women lawyers don’t really care when its a man they represent.

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