Barbara Holder

BarbaraHolderBarbara Holder was wrongly convicted of the murder of her abusive husband Curtis Holder on May 30, 1997.

She was convicted due to the testimony of Johnny Lopez, who confessed to killing Curtis.

Lopez testified that a third man, Mark Dixon, had told him Barbara would pay him $30,000 to kill Curtis.

Lopez gave many different statements before implicating Barbara. Mark Dixon did not testify.

More information on the trial here.

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3 thoughts on “Barbara Holder”

  1. Entirely false accusation with no proof that she has an “abusive” husband. This was a classic case of kill your husband for insurance money. Johnny Lopez was a 17 yr old CHILD who was roped into helping her murder her husband for money. Ridiculous to waste your time on her when there are actual wrongful conviction cases. She is an evil person.


    1. Lopez was no child. A child is prepubescent; he certainly went through puberty at the age of 17, almost 18. Calling him a child seems like an attempt to minimize his culpability. None of them deserve an ounce of pity. Barbara included.


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