Jeremiah Dewey

Jeremiah Dewey’s15 year old step daughter Brittney was drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, posting naked photo’s of her self on the internet, and having a sexual relationship with her boy friend. When Jeremiah tried to stop these behaviors she falsely accused him of sexually molesting her in her bedroom.

After a corrupt investigation and trial, Jeremiah was convicted and sentenced to 22 years in prison.

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4 thoughts on “Jeremiah Dewey”

  1. A corrupt Prosecuting Attorney addicted to Narcotic Pain Killers see search for Richard Steiger. A Judge who has been using illegal drugs for over twenty years railroaded my innocent son with out any evidence using hand picked juries for five counts of criminal sexual conduct by his coached step daughter.


  2. This case involved abuse of power by all three Judges located in Presque Isle County Michigan. Prosecutor misconduct, perjury, lies, fabricated / altered documents, and hand picked juries all to cover up for crimes committed by the Prosecuting Attorney and a Judge.


  3. If Donald Trump was elected, I believe these things would never happen. It is about the Federal Funding, not about saving or helping families. With all of the lies and corruption, there is no truth. The Federal Funding needs to stop and child abuse needs to be a police matter. It need to be a criminal matter and not a family court matter.


    1. The corruption in our criminal justice system has nothing whatsoever to do with Donald Trump. It has existed for decades – centuries even – and will not change until every single person involved in the system from top to bottom is fired, the system and training and purpose and goals are reorganized so as to support a non-punitive way of thinking about criminal justice and effective rehabilitation. If you think Donald Trump will ever fix anything, then you are a fool, because he is a thief, a cheat, a con man, a serial adulterer, a pathological liar, a racist, a sexist, a malignant narcissist, a tax cheat, a religious hypocrite, and a traitor. He has destroyed the Republican Party and turned it into a terrorist group that practices and encourages hate crimes. You need to wake up and see your hero as the disgusting and rotten straw men he really is.


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