Trevin Gamble

Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder Although His Mother & Siblings Swear He Was At Home With Them Doing Time Of Shooting Incident That Took A Young Girls Life

My name is Trevin Gamble. I was wrongfully accused of being involved in a shooting back in 1993 that resulted in a young girl’s life being taken.  The shooting was triggered by a gang rivalry between kids from my neighborhood and the neighborhood several blocks away.

Trevin on a visit with his mother at South Correctional Center


I have always maintained my innocence.  I had no involvement in the crime that took place that I have been convicted of, nor did I have any foreknowledge that the events were going to take place.  I was home with my mother and siblings the night of this incident.

I was arrested with 3 older guys from my neighborhood and accused to have been with them when the shooting took place.  Each of my co-defendants were older than I but I believe, because the state did not have a good case against my co-defendants, their plan all along was to use me against them.  One of my co-defendant’s, Kevin Smith, was nearly 20 years old, had served several years in the penitentiary already, and since his release…had been implicated in a number of crimes including murder.  Kevin was who they really wanted.  The police had been wanting to send Kevin back to prison since his release.

There was no physical evidence connecting me to the shooting.  The shooting incident happened at nearly midnight.  I was at home with my mother and siblings, and no where near where the crime I am locked up for took place.  My family members who were present that night all attested to the fact I had not been gone away from the house during the time the shooting allegedly occurred.

The primary evidence used to connect me to the crime was the testimony of a witness that knew me from the neighborhood.  The incident occurred during the wee hours of the night. It was pitch dark and there was bad lighting.  The shooters were allegedly shooting from the shadows of a dark vacant lot which sat approximately 50-60 ft from where the victim was struck.  I am a very dark-skinned individual – there is no way someone could positively identify me from 50 fee away at midnight!  There were approximately 20 people lingering around the street when the shots were fired and none of the witnesses positively identified me as the shooter but the one girl who misidentified me.  Moreover, there were numerous individuals standing out with the victim when the shots were fired.  People that knew me personally, yet none of them placed me on the crime scene.

I have served 22 years of a JLWOP sentence.  Recently the Missouri Supreme Court ruled that the Missouri Board of Probation and Parole has to allow juveniles sentenced to life parole eligibility after serving 25 years.  Recently, the Governor signed this new legislation into law.  As a result of this, I do have some hope of maybe regaining my freedom in the not too distant future.

Nevertheless, I am innocent!!!  I was not involved in the crime I was accused and ultimately convicted of.   I have exhausted my appeals, but not my resolve of proving my innocence.  Currently, I do not have legal representation and my family no longer has funds to help me retain an lawyer.  I am seeking “pro bono” assistance to challenge my case on the basis that I am innocent!


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One thought on “Trevin Gamble”

  1. Thank you for sharing this post onto your page. Trevin is a guy I have known since before I was incarcerated in 1994. He was living in my neighborhood when he was arrested. Everyone in my neighborhood knew Trevin was innocent and had only been arrested because he “cooperated” with police when questioned about these charges “implicating” the actual killers. Word was then put out on the streets that Trevin was a “snitch”. The D.A. held Trevin in jail as a juvenile for at least a year and then tried him first among 3 other co-defendants. Because they “lacked” evidence on the 3 co-defendants they knew were involved, they sought to uses Trevin as a snitch against them and have him plead guilty and accept 10 years. Trevin refused to plead guilty and admit involvement because he was innocent and so he refused the plea deal. He then went to trial and pleaded his innocence and received a Life w/o parole sentence at 17. Trevin is now 40 years old and still in prison fighting for his innocence. He is currently incarcerated at the Trevin Gamble #512848, Southwest Correctional Center, 255 MO-32, Licking MO 65542. I have spoken with Trevin Gamble’s mother, Gloria Gamble, and asked her to write an email for you guys adding additional information we did not have regarding specific “alibi” witnesses, dates times and events. I am hoping she will be getting back to me soon and will also add her contact information. I would like to know if there is a physical address for Trevin to reach you all himself as well? If so, please reach out to me or him with it if you guys correspond with prisoners directly. Again, thank you for your help!
    Anthony Williams, Director
    (573) 355-1741 (314) 406-1712
    Missouri Prisoner Advocacy Consulting, LLC


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