Holly McFeeture

Holly McFeeture was convicted in 2013 for killing Matthew Podolak, the father of two of her children with antifreeze in 2006.

At sentencing, Holly’s family members said she was a loving parent and a loyal and trustworthy person, who coached little league and raised her children the best she could as a single mother. “My mom is the greatest mom in the world because she is sweet and kind…I miss her,” said message from Podolak’s two younger children. Holly’s 15-year-old daughter said her mother raised three beautiful and loving children and was always there for them.

Holly was a suspect in Podolak’s death since 2006 when a pathologist concluded he died from chronic intoxication by ethylene glycol, the active ingredient in antifreeze. She was not charged until 2012, after Cleveland police received a tip that the poisoning was not an accident or a suicide.

Podolak’s family always maintained that he didn’t kill himself and that he was suffering from medical problems in the months before his death that caused him pain.

Before the sentencing hearing, McFeeture’s attorneys asked that Corrigan overturn the jury verdicts and acquit McFeeture or grant her a new trial.

They argued that state had failed to tell them that a former boyfriend of McFeeture’s, who was a key witness against her, had testified in another murder trial that sent a man to prison last year.

Jordan argued that attorneys should have been able to question him about it so jurors could weigh it in terms of his credibility. Corrigan, however, denied the requests citing plenty of evidence and testimony that the jury heard questioning the Jamison Kennedy’s credibility — or lack of credibility.

Source: News report August 28, 2013

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21 thoughts on “Holly McFeeture”

    1. Based on what Lucas? It’s not you or someone you love! I challenge anyone to present me ONE piece of evidence in the case! Just one! This poor woman. I hope the innocence project will fight for her!


      1. Agree, even if she did, which I do not believe, we cannot just jail people bc we feel like it. This is a BS case.


    2. Maybe one day something happens in your life and you are caught up in a judicial system were you’re guilty when they say you’re guilty! I hope you go to prison for something you didn’t do and someone post the same crap about you

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  1. I dont think that she should have been convicted based on the Word of a Felon …You cant trust his word he is looking for a way out of prison ..And she was his Ticket ..And i dont think the Antifreeze should have been able to sit in front of people that are Testifying ..I think it sends a Strong Message to the Jury of guilt …Especially when they cant even prove that it belonged to her ..It was found in the Garage a year in a half later after she had moved out of the House ..I dont think it should have even been allowed in as Evidence ..Who is to say his brother did not place it in the garage so they could find it ..Or anyone for that matter ..To me that played a Big part in her conviction ..Given the fact that no finger prints was found on the bottle …NONE why is that ..If they where the bottles she used ..Dont you think she would have got rid of them ..And why would she need 2 bottles ..The case is way to weak to put someone in prison for 30 years

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  2. First of all Jamison Kennedy DID NOT get anything from testifying against her NOTHING, so get the facts straight before you run your mouth on the internet. Second, I dated Jamison when he got out of prison and he told me that she never said that to him and the reason he said that to the police was, because of Holly he was sent to prison for 10 years and she deserved it.. and I told Hollys sister exactly what Jamison said but at that point Holly has exhausted all of her appeals and there was nothing they could do. BUT Jamison Kennedy has now passed away and he only had his freedom for a few months before his addiction got the best of him, and took him from this world.

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  3. She did not do it, maybe the antifreeze gave him the kidney stones and he had a liking to the pain meds he received resulting in an overdose of antifreeze. She didn’t seem to gain much by his death and did not seem like a vindictive woman in any sense.


  4. So much for a jury of your peers. How is it that jurors believe any story that prosecutors think up? There is so much assumption and you know what they say about assume. Is that why so many people are being found innocent after spending way too long in jail? So remember, when you get that jury summons in the mail, don’t be so quick about trying to figure out how to get out of it. What kind of jury would you want?

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  5. I just happened to watch this case on OWN and I was utterly stunned. There was not a shred of evidence against her. The prosecutor was crying like a nut. I can’t believe she is actually in jail based on literally no actual evidence and absolutely no motive save a 15,000 insurance that she may or may not even have known about. This case is a sin. I feel so badly for this woman.

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  6. I truly believe that if I would have been on this jury I would not have convicted her because the state did not prove its case and the defense did throw in Reasonable Doubt just alone having that other Corner testified that the amount that was in his system had to be ingested all at once I believe he killed himself he did not look evil and the person that they had testified against for the prosecution Jameson whatever liar and she should be let out of prison at least have the conviction thrown out if they want to try her again a lesser charge or something but she’s not guilty at all she has soft eyes and there is just no reason for her to do it


    1. He did not nor does she look evil at all just a correction where it said he did not look evil I believe his family just wanted somebody to be responsible for his death he was young but everything he was going through and the gambling debts I told people she didn’t want to live I’m sorry she did not kill him

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  7. The former boyfriend who testified against her, he testified in another murder trial what was his role in that trial? Was he a star witness that his testimony actually caused the person to be convicted? An ordinary person testifying in one murder trial in their life time is slim two none, but to testify in two murder trials in your life time unless you’re involved in with some very dangerous people it’s almost impossible.


  8. I worked in the same building as Matt. His company powder coated parts for ours and I talked to him several times a week. He was a good dude and never seemed suicidal, always in a decent mood outside of complaining about the usual day to day problems. When we heard that he had passed away, we were all shocked! Everyone knew that something didn’t add up. Everyone suspected that there was more to the story.


    1. Most suicidal ppl don’t tell random ppl or even coworkers… Regardless, there was not a shred of evidence. If you’re ever charged with a crime, I bet you hope there is proof to be found guilty. Smh at small town gossip & sway.


  9. I don’t know if Holly is innocent or guilty; but what I came away from her conviction is that there was mega reasonable doubt. The prosecutor’s DID NOT prove her unlawful conviction; and nor should the jury have convicted her on this basis.

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