Sean Ellis

A man who’s spent nearly 22 years in prison for the murder of a Boston police detective on Tuesday was granted bail, set at $50,000, by the judge who ordered a new trial in his case.

Sean Ellis, now 40, was convicted of first-degree murder for the 1993 murder of Boston Police Det. John Mulligan, who was shot five times in the face as he sat in his car on a security detail in Roslindale. It was Ellis’ third trial. The first two trials ended with hung juries.

In granting Ellis a fourth trial, Suffolk Superior Court Judge Carol Ball last week found that exculpatory evidence was withheld from Ellis’ lawyers. That includes a report that one Boston police officer had implicated another officer in the murder.


A Boston-based petition requesting a new, fair trial for Sean Ellis garnered more than 5,000 signatures and was delivered to Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley in December 2014.

Sean’s murder and armed robbery convictions were overturned on May 5, 2015, with bail set at $50,000.

Sean’s mother is requesting donations to (a) help the family make bail, and (b) assist Sean’s re-entry to civilian life.


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