Timothy McEnany

Timothy McEnany was wrongfully accused and convicted of a crime in 1993, in Hummelstown, PA (USA).

The police ignored the obvious suspects, never even questioning them, and allowing them to “clean up” the crime scene, despite witnesses describing someone who easily fit the description of the victim’s grandson, fleeing from the scene.

Instead, they targeted and fabricated a sloppy case around an innocent chimney-sweep, based on evidence that would have been dismissed from any legitimate court procedings outside of Pennsylvania… a commonwealth, in which the State Police run the show, with no system of checks and balances.

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2 thoughts on “Timothy McEnany”

  1. I have reviewed all of the police reports and trial transcripts in this case, and I am convinced Tim had absolutely nothing to do with this crime. The theory of the case — that Tim waited outside in his vehicle while another man committed the crime, then transported the assailant from the scene — is unsupported by facts. Even if this theory were correct, it would mean that the police and prosecutors concede someone else, WHO WAS NEVER CHARGED, committed the crime.

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