Mario Casciaro conviction overturned

Mario Casciaro‘s conviction was overturned on Thursday.

“They just tore the prosecution apart. They said it was ridiculous, ludicrous, the evidence was improbable,” said Kathleen Zellner, Casciaro’s attorney.

Casciaro was convicted of murder after the 2002 disappearance of 17-year-old Brian Carrick. Carrick, was last seen a few days before Christmas 2002, at the Johnsburg, Ill., grocery store where he worked, owned by Casciaro’s parents. Carrick’s body was never found.

The conviction hinged on the testimony of another coworker — Shane Lamb – who after receiving immunity, claimed Casciaro asked him to confront Carrick about a $500 marijuana debt.

Prosecutors said they plan to appeal the ruling to the Illinois Supreme Court.

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